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Asp.Net Web Development VS Classic Asp Web Development

Since years we have seen the growing popularity of .net development services. These services have helped the .net developers to come up with different techniques that have provided new features to the websites designed today. With the emergence of asp.net web development it has become easier to design websites which are user-friendly as well as highly impressive.

Asp.net web development has come up to be more superior than the Asp Classic web development. The .net development services offered by different software firms have allowed the .net developers to create more user-friendly websites. The asp.net development professionals find Asp.net web development far much better than the clasic asp web development in many ways. Some the most important areas in which the Asp.net is better than Asp Classic include the ones mentioned below:

Stability – It has been found that Asp.net is not susceptible to any kind of application crashes which incur during the functioning of application built in classic asp which runs under the inetinfo.exe (IIS) process. This means that the programming achieved with the help of Asp.net would be much more stable as compared to the programming achieved using Asp Classic.
Language Support – While only VBScript and Javascript languages are used for scripting in Asp Classic, there are no such restrictions in Asp .net. The Asp.net allows the use of full server side programming languages and not just the scripting languages. With Asp.net you can use programming languages like C# and VB.net which allow the development of robust and extremely interactive web applications.
Compilation – Asp.net allows you to compile the code the very first time it is being accessed. The compiled code then results in .Net classes which allow the servicing of the subsequent page requests with the previously compiled code. In contrast to this, the classic Asp is comprised of VBScript or Jscript interpreted at run-time which means the compilation is being carried out line-by-line. This simply results in some or the other kind of inefficiency.
Scalability – Using the classic Asp web applications, it makes it difficult to update, maintain and replace the components used by the web pages. In simple terms, updating a component using classic Asp applications would require the shutting down of IIS, replacement of the component and then finally restarting the IIS. This process is too-lengthy. On the other hand, using Asp.net you can easily update the components in a less time-consuming manner. The recently launched “XCOPY” deployment model of Asp.net allows the replacement of web pages and components in real-time without the need for restarting of the web server. Hence, Asp.net tools help in achieving more stable web applications as compared to the classic Asp tools.

The .net development services have proved to be a boon to all the developers working on the .net platform. It has also been found that the Asp.net web development is anytime better than the normal Asp web development because of its exclusive features. Also the introduction of latest versions of Asp.net has been extremely helpful in the creation of feature-rich websites that serve the purposes of different business organizations all over the world.

Perth Web Design Developers

Perth Web Design is able to cater for all your online needs. Browse through our various web designs, and feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have. Website Design Perth have a professional team of Web Designers and creative staff including, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Website Designers and search engine optimisation experts.

Producing a website that is both functional and stylish does not sound like too tall an order, but a quick look around the internet will soon have you convinced that such sites are as rare as hen’s teeth. Dealing with the companies that produce these sites can often be a chore as well. The staff can sometimes seem to be in a world of their own and have difficulty expressing themselves in plain English.

The prices charged often seem to bear little relation to the amount of work being done either. We believe that web design companies should be as professional and reliable as any other supplier that you deal with, and strive to offer all our customers a service that is easily understandable and meets their specific needs with the least amount of fuss.

An understanding of the ethos of the company we are working for is important to us and our web designers will always spend some time familiarising themselves with each client’s business before coming up with some preliminary designs for their consideration. In our opinion it is not just consistency across a site that is important, but across the whole company.

The look of your site should complement the existing literature and stationery that your company has, and using company colours in the design is something that we usually recommend. Apart from giving a professional integrated look to your website, a consistent theme makes it easier for people to use – the navigation and layout become familiar to them as they spend time browsing through the various different sections. The best web designs are clean and not too cluttered, so that users feel comfortable using them and can easily read what you have to say, without being distracted by unnecessary moving images that serve no useful purpose.

You need to make sure your website gives the surfer what they are looking for right away. For example, a surfer looking for the best weight loss supplements wants to click on a website that ensures them they are on the RIGHT website. Pictures of your best weight loss supplement followed by a ten star user review and a link to buy would be an example of giving the user what they want RIGHT AWAY. That’s just one example of direct marketing that works – make sure your web design perth is setup to offer your users answers right away.

Craigslist Posting

I’ve been here for about a month and a half now, and I’ve picked up so much valuable information, and actually started making money with two different methods that I found here. Anyways, I won’t waste your time with that.

I have ran a craigslist posting business with RainMaker Auto Poster for a little over a year now, and it provides me with a very good steady income, but it won’t make me a millionaire, so I spend the better half of my day studying techniques I read about here. It pays all my bills and allows me not to have to have a 9 to 5 job which is all I can ask for. I once was a frustrated craigslist (CRAIGSLIST from this point on) poster who didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I would purchase ebook after ebook from so called experts, but even their techniques wouldn’t work. After I figured out what I was doing on my own, I realized that these experts would never share everything and tell us exactly what they were doing to get their ads up.

A lot of you may have it all figured out, and if you do, congratulations. I’m still going to explain everything, because there are a lot of people here who don’t have a clue. I am going to tell you everything that I do to get my posts to show up. I get a ton of private messages and emails wanting me to show people how to get their posts to show up. I could probably write an ebook and/or have a teleseminar and make some extra cash, and while I might do that in the future, I’ll share everything I do with everyone.

I’m going to talk about every part of the ad separately and explain to you what needs to be done. Let’s start with headings.


The biggest myth I hear is that you need a unique title for every ad. This is absolutely not true. A common order for me from a customer is 100 ads per day. I use about 3 different titles rotated evenly for these 100 ads without problem. There are some words that are filtered and your ad may not show up if you use one of these in the title. Just test a few titles until you find a few that you like.

Hint*** You can add a few numbers at the end of the posting if you want it to be unique from the others. It’s not of high importance, but this simple method can make every title unique if you really want them to be different.

Ad Content

I’ll start by telling you that I never use a text ad. There are too many words that will raise red flags with CRAIGSLIST and if you have one of these in your ad body, it could cause your entire ad to be ghost posted. I make every ad into a picture file. If you don’t know how to do this, it is very simple. You can use something as simple as paint, and just insert a text box and type your ad out how you want it to appear. Then, you just save it as a picture. It can be simple black text with a white background, and once it is on CRAIGSLIST, you can hardly even tell it is a picture. It just looks like a normal ad. The CRAIGSLIST spiders can’t pick up certain words in your picture, because obviously there is no text there, just a picture. Now, here is another myth that I have heard straight from the mouth of one of the top experts out there, as well as many others. CRAIGSLIST has not banned photob*ucket. I post over 1000 ads a day, and all of my ads show up fine with all my pictures hosted on photo*bucket. Once you have developed your picture, you just need to upload it to photob*ucket. Upload it more than once so that you have multiple links to use. The standard rule that I use is uploading 20 pictures for every 100 posts per day. So if you post 100 ads, you would use each link 5 times. CRAIGSLIST does ban your individual picture link if it is used too much. The good thing about this is that you can just upload new pictures and be good to go again. Just make sure you have fresh picture links regularly. Now, here is a very important part. Every ad body on CRAIGSLIST does have to be somewhat unique. If you have a different picture link for every ad, then that is fine. You can keep the same name on each picture you upload, and photob*ucket can make them all unique. However, if you just put the link in the ad body, chances are that CRAIGSLIST will notice it and delete your ad faster. It is good to include a bunch of invisible random text in the ad that relates to the category you post in. The best thing to do is look at someone in that category that has a lot of ads up. Highlight there entire ad or view their source, and usually you will find a bunch of invisible text. You can just copy their invisible text and put it directly into your ad also. This just hides the link a little better in a sea of text. I normally put a few lines of text before the picture link and then the rest of the text after the link.

The most important thing is just making sure that each ad body is somewhat unique and has some random text related to your category. Make sure you get new pictures every day or two. You can never have too many pictures links to use.

Emails/CRAIGSLIST Accounts

You can use either of these with equal success. Let’s start by talking about email addresses. You need to be able to create a bunch of these. I would say the normal rule I use is to have about 50 email addresses for every 500 ads you post. I normally get 50 new emails every 4 or 5 days. Sometimes you need them sooner, but I have seen 50 email addresses post 5,000 total ads and still work, but I wouldn’t recommend trying that. It is best to make sure you have fresh emails as often as possible. If you choose to go the email route, you MUST take this step to ensure to save yourself hours of time. Make sure that you forward every email address to one central email so that you can check them and publish them from one central account. As long as you rotate ip’s regularly (I discuss this more below), there is no way for CRAIGSLIST to know that all 50 emails are being checked from one central account.

CRAIGSLIST accounts use basically the same method. Make sure you have lots of fresh accounts pretty regularly. The good thing about posting from an account is that you don’t have to check an email every time you post. It just takes longer to create the emails and the accounts. The bottom line no matter which route you go is just make sure that you have lots of fresh emails/accounts.

IP Rotating

This really is the single most important part in making sure your ads show up. You must rotate ip addresses regularly. I usually rotate ip’s every 5 posts. Sometimes you can post 15 ads or so on 1 ip, but that’s starting to push it and I like to stay safe. There’s a lot of talk about how to rotate your ip addresses, but I’ve found one way to be far superior. Most people try to use proxies, but I’ve never found this to work for me. Here’s the way I use, and it’s never failed me. Go out and get a sprin*t broadband card. It’s like $60 per month and it changes ip’s every time you disconnect and reconnect, which takes about 10 seconds. I have a lot of these that I use, but I started with just 1, and it worked wonders. I only have more than 1 now because I post on multiple computers and need one for each. One should serve you just fine if you’re posting from one computer at a time. You’re welcome to use proxies if you know how to do it successfully, but I’m telling you exactly how I do it and how it works for me.

Links in Your Ad

There’s a lot of talk about using links in your ad, and whether it gets your ad deleted quicker, etc. I personally do not use a hyperlink in my ads very often. When you create your ad in paint or whatever picture program you use, just make the link bigger than the other text and change its color or something. If you make it stand out, people won’t have a problem typing it in, and the good thing about that is that if you’re promoting an affiliate offer, your affiliate company can’t tell where the visitor came from. I build a personal opt in list through CRAIGSLIST, and I have much more success this way. I tested one day with ads with a clickable link, and ads with the URL in the picture, and the results where overwhelming. I had over 130 optins from my picture ad, and less than 40 with my ads with the link clickable. The reason is because CRAIGSLIST does not like clickable links, and they look to delete your ad quickly if they notice it. A lot of my ads with the clickable link got deleted, while the pictures all stayed up. If you are someone who would rather have a clickable link, then just buy some cheap .info domains and use subdomains to forward to your site. CRAIGSLIST will ban your link before too long, but you can continue to purchase new domains. Do not waste your time using tiny*url or other redirect services as CRAIGSLIST has almost all of them banned already. Just be creative and make your URL stand out in your picture, and you will be fine.

Flagged Ads

Some of your ads will get flagged, but don’t get discouraged. I think there are people out there that live for flagging ads. Just repost and move on. There is nothing you can do about this, and you’re not doing anything wrong when this happens. You’ll see your ad flagged more often if you’re posting in a category where your ad doesn’t fit very good. Just find the best category and go with it.

That’s exactly what I do. If your ads stop showing up, simply do an inventory and figure out what you think might need changed (ex. Emails/accounts, picture links, etc). If you think I’ve left anything out or have any questions, feel free to post them here so I can answer them for all to see. I’m sure I’ve left something small out, and I’ll let you know if anything comes to mind.

If you get this down, and you have no problems, feel free to go out and get some customers of you own. There are plenty of fish in the sea. I could post some ads right now, and have 15 new paying customers by Monday morning. Heck, I’ll even outsource some work to you if you feel you really have it down. I have to turn customers down all the time, because I’m working at capacity. There’s plenty of opportunity to make money once you have it all down, but DO NOT CUT CORNERS. If anyone wants to take the time of turning this into an ebook, feel free as long as you let me know. I just don’t have the time or resources to do it right now. I could care less if it is or isn’t, but it could be easier to read and access.

Every part of what I have talked about is essential in making sure your ads show up, so take it slow and make sure everything is perfect.

I Use the RainMaker Auto Poster, it does most of the work i mentioned above. Get it at www.rain-clouds.com
Happy Postings!

Web Development India- Effective Way To Handle Business Online

In this regard, all business dealers are designing and developing their respective business Website, but this can be a very time consuming process. Also, nowadays every small business dealer can development his/her Website and run the business successfully. Thus, to stay ahead of competitors, one needs to have a little patience and some basic knowledge.
Web Development is basically a work that includes developing of a Website for both the Internet and the Intranet. Also, the services comprise Web Content Development, Web Design, Network Security Configuration, Web Server, E-Commerce Development, Client Liaison, and Client-Side/Server-Side Scripting. On the other hand, amongst web professionals, Web Development India generally refers to the main non-design phases of designing Websites like Coding and Writing Markup. Web Development procedure can basically range from designing the simplest static single page of the plain text to the most difficult web-based Internet applications, social network services and electronic businesses.
Now days, for every business owner Web Development has become a challenging task. If it is performed properly, Websites owners will obtain expected results from this service. In India or any other country, Web Development is done by using some of the programming languages like XML, HTML, ASP.net, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, and XHTML.
Further, there are many other Web Development services as well, which are offered as per the various business areas like:
Enterprise Portal Development
E-Commerce Website Development
CRM Solutions
Social Networking Web Development
Advanced Web Design and Development
First, the most important part while designing a Website is the information that one has to put across for visitors. For this, the designer has to be aware of the purpose of the Website, whether its being an informatory or selling purpose Website. To increase the traffic of the Website, one needs to submit a highly informative, appropriate and unmarked content. This procedure surely enhances the ranking and also allows clients to more readily visit the Website.
Secondly, while designing and developing the Website, developers must consider the target visitors. Try to use creative and appealing themes, which are easily available on Adobe Dream weaver. Finally, once the Website is developed, test is by going live on the Web.

How To Create An Adt Affiliate Website And Make Money

ADT is by and far the most trusted name in home security. In fact, 9 out of every 10 homes that have a home security system have an ADT security system. ADT is known for being reliable, affordable, and effective at protecting homes from break-ins and other security instances. Individuals all over the United States seek out ADT services each and every day! If you run and operate an ADT affiliate website, you can take advantage of the high demand for ADT services and can begin generating a substantial monthly income.

The good news is that creating an ADT affiliate website and finding ADT affiliates is very simplistic. In fact, you can get started right now and begin making money this month! Its that easy! There are just a few simple steps that you need to take in order to get started.

First off, you will need to build an ADT affiliate website. You can build the website yourself if you have web-design skills or can hire a freelance web designer or design firm to build a ADT affiliate website for you or you can use a free blog service like E-Blogger or Blogspot. Once you have created an ADT affiliate website or blog, you will then need to place information on this website that will entice visitors to come to your website when they search for ADT related material.

Most people will write keyword rich articles which they will then place on their website based on home security and ADT systems! Others will hire freelance writers to do this for them, or will hire SEO experts in order to ensure the success of their website. The objective behind adding this content to your website or blog is to place effective keywords in your coding that will be read by search engines like Google and Yahoo. The more ADT home security keywords that your website has the higher up in search rankings that your website will appear.

Once you have established your website and started to fill it with home security content, you will then need to seek out ADT affiliates. ADT affiliates are companies or resources that will pay you based on advertising their products and services. For example, one of the most popular and effective ADT affiliates available is US Home Alarm. US Home Alarm offers unique tools and services for individuals who run an ADT affiliate website. They offer advertising tools and resources that will make partnering with them easy and effective.

All you have to do is use their advertising materials and place specific links and coding on your ADT affiliate website or blog. Every time a visitor to your website clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase you will make a commission. The more sales that you make each month based on these links the higher that your commissions will grow.

US Home Alarm is in fact the best resource to turn to when it comes to ADT affiliates! They offer high compensation and unlimited resources and tracking devices that make running an ADT affiliate website easy as can be. Best of all, it is free to join their program and you can start making money right away.

Web Design Course In Kolkata

You will find an extensive variety of Web Design courses in Kolkata. Several Institutes offer web design course in Kolkata at affordable fees. But the web design course offered by Karmick Institute is different from the regular courses. They have designed a specialized web page design course, which will help the students to understand the current market trends and new technologies applicable to the industry. Web Design Companies is coming up in different cities of India because of the excellent business prospects. The demand of design experts is increasing with every passing day because e- business is booming in this century. So, institutes across the country are offering specialized designing courses suiting the industry standards.

AT Karmick Institute Kolkata, we aim at educating our students with exceptional knowledge on web design. The process of web designing is not very simple. But our expert trainers who have been in the field of web designing for a very long time will help the students in making the web design process simpler. Only technical knowledge is not sufficient to make your web page look attractive. At Karmick we encourage our students to think differently. From data collection to maintenance, our students are trained on every aspect of web design.

AT Karmick Institute, the students get to learn about the different processes of web design in detail. We try to make our students understand the importance of target audience in web designing. The work of a web designer is to recreate the clients thoughts in the form of a website. A web page can only be different if it has a unique design. Designing is a creative activity, whereas implementation of the design is a technical process. Thus its important for a web designer to be technically sound and creative at the same time. At Karmick Institute, we prepare our students in such a manner, so that they can assure the clients with cent percent satisfaction with their creativity and technical knowledge.

The Efficiency Of A Professional Web Design

Designing a website isn’t quite simple after all it is the website that promotes your business 24*7. A good website can haul up any entrepreneur into a successful businessman – such is the power of an efficient website. The ultimate aim of a website is to be easily accessible by the targeted audience and serve the purpose of its existence. Web designers not only make a website easily navigable but also assist the visitor’s primary purpose of visiting the website. The best web designing companies in UK with their cutting-edge, high-quality design techniques can be the ideal source of any effective websites. Though a business identity need to spend significant money for professional website design, such investments are worth making and often turn out to be minimal when the return on investment is considered. Professional Web Design is must for a business identity to stay ahead in the competition.

Professionals bring many years of technical and business expertise and put together their depth of professional and analytical knowledge. Based on market research, current trends and e-commerce tactics, designers can custom-build your site. When designing the web site the professionals take into consideration each and every issue of the website and put special emphasis on aspects like aesthetic, custom website design, content management, cross-browser compatibility, valid CSS/XHTML, accessibility & usability and SEO compatibility. With their know-how of search engine optimization strategies such as links to other websites, key words in the content and images, they ensure that your website appears on the top of the list of the search engines. This eventually leads to an increase in the number of clicks of your website consequently bringing in more traffic.

Designing website on your own is not only a time consuming affair but lacks the professional touch too. Professional web design in UK is designed to please your customers be it through strategic name or by positioning the links to the very titles of your pages. The colors and the theme of your website are so selected to make your website visually attractive and the content easy to read. A professional web design provided by any experienced web firm can deliver results in a short period of time unlike the amateurs who take a lot more time. Professional web design in London yields quicker and better results not to mention of the expert advice they offer for free. They know exactly what the most suitable design elements for your website and can deliver such results immediately. Moreover, professionals do not commit the usual mistakes that newbies are prone to.

The success of the new entrepreneurs by availing the services of a professional web designer has further proved the need of Professional Web Design. Following the trend, new entrepreneurs too have started availing the services of professional website designers in London. Undoubtedly, a professional web design agency surely makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

A creative website gives that extra advantage to any business identity. So, seek the professional help and create a smart website that will promote your business round the clock.

The Airline Industrys Rotten Secret

As a frequent flyer, I discover myself acutely aware of baggage restrictions as I hate to hand over money on excess luggage charges.

This has the benefit of traveling light. Lighter traveling goes easier on the body, forces me to plan clothing before I leave home and do some laundry whilst on my journey.

Until recently my system half-worked.

In days passed I would use my restroom weighing scales to weigh my luggage. If it was over my luggage allowance, I would transfer some heavier products into my backpack.

Where I encountered trouble was on my return journey when trying to keep in mind how I had actually distributed my possessions between my cabin bag and suitcase on my outbound journey. This, I hardly ever, if ever, solved.

The restroom scales was all well and good for my outbound journey, however it wasn’t particularly attractive to pack and take with me for obvious reasons. I was, after all, trying to minimize my luggage weight, not contribute to it.

Therefore, the restroom scales I had actually left at home was of no use to me when I was in another country, and finding one in a hotel was never a possibility.

It wasn’t till I suffered the humiliation and time-wasting of redistributing my items in an airport, and returned home to mention to a friend of my experience that I found a neat little device to save me the inconvenience in future.

Mentioning my experience with a friend, she informed me I needed to buy a baggage scale. Honestly, I wasn’t aware such a thing existed. She swore by hers and spoke so passionately of its benefits that I was promptly sold on the concept.

I wondered why airlines do not offer them on planes. The gigantic provider in Europe, Ryanair, offer you everything from vehicle hire, to hotels, transfers, and actual suitcases when you book on their site, yet they do not offer a travel scale. Then the penny dropped.

Why would they offer something which would prevent them the chance to overcharge their customers for a kilo or more of overweight luggage? This would ruin their function of profit maximisation.

I promptly purchased my luggage scale from a company called Swiftons, who trade on Amazon. My solution to conserving time, cash, and embarrassment, was found!

Within a couple of days I got my product and was all set for my very first journey with my new device.

At around $20 it was less than what I would pay for just a few pounds of excess luggage on one journey and the product featured a lifetime guarantee! It was a no-brainer. A lifetime of savings for just $20. Who might argue with that!

My reason for writing this post is that I think more individuals ought to understand these products exist, and more individuals ought to use them. Airlines exist to take us from Place A to Place B, whilst making the most amount of cash possible at the same time. It is not in their self-interest to save our cash, and a product such as a travel scale does just that. Hence, they will certainly never tell us about them, promote them, or offer them to us, because travel scales are in direct opposition to their objective of maximising revenue.

As pointed out above I purchased my travel luggage scale from Amazon because their shipment service I have always found to be exceptional.

The service I got from Swiftons has actually been wonderful. They have sent me a free eBook to help me pack and take a trip more successfully, and their luggage scale is a dream to operate – easy and uncomplicated, yet with more functions than others available.

To buy yours, visit Amazon today and search for Swiftons Luggage Scale. You won’t regret it!

Set the Mood for Halloween with DISH Network

With Halloween just a week away, you must be finding it pretty hard not to find yourself in a party mood. However, if you have DISH Network at your place then you are sure to have the most spectacular Halloween ever. You can even have a perfectly spooky Halloween this year just by watching some of your favorite shows on DISH Network in DISH HD mode. You will have the most entertaining satellite TV experience with DISH Network which happens to be the best satellite TV provider available in the market. With this TV service provider at your place entertainment is assured.

Halloween is not just another event to many of us. It is in fact a chance to indulge in to things we do not get to do every year. You can wear some costumes of spooky kind and wear loud makeup to go to the Halloween themed parties. However, if you do not want to indulge in parties and want a quiet evening with family and friends, DISH Network is here at your service. With DISH Network at your place you can watch a great variety of shows. Some of these shows offer special Halloween themed episodes that can set the right mood for the festival.

Want to make this Halloween special? There are numerous ways to do so. You can decorate the house using some eerie decorative ideas from TV. You will definitely have the most entertaining satellite TV experience while watching the Halloween themed programming that are available on TV throughout the week. A number of DISH Network channels offer you quality satellite TV entertainment at affordable price. You can watch the best of horror movies and shows in the DISH channels. You will be mesmerized to watch these programs on DISH HD mode with a high definition television set. It is sure to offer you the best TV experience you have ever had.

For Halloween DISH Network channels bring you a number of programs. Some of the movie channels are offering the best of horror movies in this occasion. You can tune in to any of the premium movie channel to get the ultimate horror movie experience. Several other channels have also started offering special movies in Halloween. For example, AMC brings you the best of movies with its annual horror film festival. You can watch these movies throughout the night and feel the chill down your spine. You are surely going to love this amazing experience. With DISH Network you can enjoy AMC in HD mode! This way you are sure to get the best horror movie experience at your home. These are sure to take you on a scary trip to the Halloween night. You can also record the shows and programs based on Halloween with the help of your DISH HD DVR. Once you record the show, you can watch it over and over again. This way you can make the most out of Halloween fun and entertain yourself to the fullest even when the Halloween party is over!