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Leading Search Engine Dials Open Source (linux For You)

Open Source Technology to boost Justdials growth

Justdial, Indias leading local search engine or in lay mans term online local business directory partnered with open source technology about 4 years back and it has been a fruitful association. It has grown exponentially and caters to over 57 million unique users across 240 cities in India. Helping reach this success was the open hand!
Open source technology helped Justdial to scale-up in a seamless manner. We were able to establish best practices from various fields and add value to our search process. This approach allowed us to get more information and give refined results to our end-users.
Justdial opted for a Web-based server system based on open architecture in 2007. It moved towards open source technology when it planned on launching a client facing website that provided more that the tradition telephonic service.
With the move to the Web, there would be heavy performance pressure on search algorithms as it expected as many queries on the website as via the telephone route. Justdial knew the conventional client server architecture would collapse and thus opted for open and distributed architecture.

On the software side, Justdial adopted the CLAMP stack, which was a combination of C and the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) was chosen to power its servers, Ubuntu on the desktop front, MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB for database management and WebHuddle for Web conferencing and video conferencing.

Ever since Just Dial started using RHEL PLATFORM and CLAMP stack its operations have scaled three times. It has grown from 5 servers to ore than 200 servers and expects to reach 350 by end of the year. In 2007 it was present in just 7 cities; however when it switched to open source it saw the opportunity to grow to 240 cities on a single national number 69999999.

Justdials IT team of about 40 people on the infrastructure side (Linux, servers) and another 90 people on the development side (database management, core C programming, user interface, backend page scripting) and the support from Red Hat helped maintain its infrastructure effortlessly.

The open source architecture seamlessly ran mission critical applications like search logic, and also helped improve the performance of its search logic by adding C components. Justdial also adopted Sphinx, a standalone search engine and its easy integration in LAMP stack gave its search logic a boost.

Open source lowered the IT cost burden for Just Dial. Annually it has saved at least Rs. 80-90 million. The open source solutions also simplified management and reduced systems maintenance costs. The open source architecture provided greater flexibility, which would in turn lead to improvements in customer satisfaction. In fact the efficiency and technology used for the website earned it, the prestigious Red Hat Innovation Award in the Carved out Costs category. With such achievement to their mutual credit, Just Dial will remain an open source devotee and follower.

Job prospects at an organization offering web design in Birmingham

If you are thinking about a career within one of the companies providing web design Birmingham you will find lots of roles that might be of interest to you. Securing a post at a website design organization can be interesting and provide you with lots of possibilities to grow and expand your qualifications. In this article we contemplate a number of the major roles that you may be expecting to uncover in a productive established organization selling website design in Birmingham. Now the problem is which role would suit your skills?

Naturally the position which just about every firm supplying web design in Birmingham has is a designer who is skilled in graphics, also known as web designer. This is the person who operates alongside the customer to design the whole feel and look for the web site. Most of the firms offering web design in Birmingham will make use of several staff who have the skills to do this role.Not simply are imaginative and technical abilities crucial, but furthermore the ability to successfully communicate with (and listen to) clients.

Another role that is fairly new to the agencies offering web design in Birmingham and the West Midlands. It is not solely website design in Birmingham that can make hard cash, the marketing of websites on the Internet is becoming big business. The web marketeer is the key person that assists clients accomplish top visibility with their websites then they are launched. The web marketeer will use quite a few established web marketing procedures to complete this such as search engine optimization (SEO). When enthusiastic about this role you have to have to be good with your writing skills as you may be required to come up with articles, write up blogs and create website text.

Yet another particular role within an company supplying web design in Birmingham is the web developer. The Web Developer is responsible for building the website from the design concepts that the web designer has created. This can be a technical job that demands very good IT skills in a considerable number of crucial software packages. It in addition needs attention to detail and a keen eye. Once again the majority businesses providing website design in Birmingham will employ a few staff who have these distinct skills. Sometimes some companies providing web design in Birmingham will hire individuals who can do both graphic design and web development work.

Businesses offering web design in Birmingham will even employ clerical personnel too. Positions you can expect to find include receptionists, accounting staff, and credit control staff. The vast majority of the major firms offering website design in Birmingham will even make the most of Project Managers as well. This is always to make certain that all web-based development projects are achieved within a timely manner and to spending budget. This function is especially key if the agency providing web design in Birmingham has a range of projects running parallel as well.

Brainguru – Expert Web Development And Seo Company In Noida, India

To generate business with a quality website, then using a web development service is essential as a website will be available 24 hours a day and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Therefore, a business should have an online presence so that anyone can collect suitable information about him or her from their website at any time.

A website is the most important part of your business, which depicts your company, brand, product or service effectively on the Internet. So, it is very important for a business or a company to develop a website that send the right message to the customers and maintains the brand image virtually. A website can increase your Internet presence with the combination of creativity, innovation and functionality.

If you want to develop a website for your company then Brainguru Technologies an Internet Marketing company offers its Expert Web Development Services India who are globally acclaimed for its professional approach and quality of work. It provides complete online solutions that assimilate website design, development and e-commerce solutions.

Proficient in creating a professional website for your business with cutting edge technology and enable the creation of an adhesive and smooth online presence. Have been helping businesses build innovative and creative presence for their business. Applies latest technologies like HTML5, css3, PHP, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Dream Weaver, etc. Ensures that the website not only meet client’s expectations but also satisfies the visitor with the responsive design and information. Innovation, creativity, quality and timely possession are the main USP of a web development company and these are shown in our work.

Brainguru Technologies develops your website in a way that reflects you and your business. You just need to tell what you want and that will appear in our work. You will get the best website for your company at an affordable price. Expert in Web Development and Designing, translate you message and information into a professional website that will surely gain traffic. A perfect combination of technical knowledge, creativeness and online marketing skills, ensures to give you qualified web solutions.

Amalgamation of business analysis with creative web design skills and technical expertise, provide you with the best returns on your website development investment.

More than 100 of clients have relied on the company’s expertise and got benefited from their reliable services. The changing technology, expertise and solutions have evolved in this ever-changing scene. Brainguru Technologies consistently innovates to ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition.

Brainguru Technologies is the leading SEO Company in the sector of IT & web solution based in Noida, India. It add new dimensions in the global IT industry with its exceptional quality of services in SEO, SMO, Web Designing, Web Development, SEM, Domain Registration, Android Apps Development, and many more for all your web solutions. Through its services, it allows you to concentrate on your core business activities, as it guarantees leads and sales for your business. Have experience in many different industries like and have delivered results quickly and efficiently. It is a one-stop shop for all your online marketing needs.

To know more about the company, you must visit (https://plus.google.com/107057168557190889391/about) their review profile in which you can get all the answers to your queries and get the right service.

How To Ensure Right Web Design Company For Your Website Building

Website has become a great medium for business owners to reach out to their customers and increase sales. All those business owners seeking for prospective leads along with an increased conversion rate are seen capitalizing heavily on the idea of website designing. Due to their growing interest in website design, internet is now flooded with business websites. Though websites are numerous but each of them cant make it to the peak of success. It is either because the web design company could not properly implement the business objective in the designed website or was not experienced enough to make it look beautiful and professional to the web users. You should never be in a hurry to pick up any web design company for your dream website plan as it is required to work closely with you to make a professional and attractive website for your targeted visitors. Now the obvious question is where to look for a web design company with perfect skill set. You can definitely find good options in India which has become a popular destination for cheap IT outsourcing these days. Many places like Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore have been successfully catering to the web design needs of domestic as well as overseas clients at affordable price. Web designers in eastern India especially Kolkata are experts in professional website design. You can ask for their support in getting done your website design the right way and bringing you more business profits. So, go on searching and finding the best web design company in Kolkata to assign the job of making a successful website for your business accessibility 24/7 hrs.

With so many web design companies in Kolkata, you might be getting confused and seeking guidance on which one to choose for your job. Here are discussed certain features that a web design company in Kolkata should have to qualify your selection. Please ensure that all of them are considered prior to making a deal with a particular company.

Experience And Expertise-

What matters most is the experience and expertise of a web design company that can really bring a major difference in your website look and appeal. The service charge should never prevent you from choosing a right web design company in India. Though newly launched companies charge less but they dont guarantee to deliver you the desirable results. Just go on selecting a web design firm that has good amount of experience in this field and assure to maintain high standard in your website design for a standardized price. Also ensure that they adapt latest technology and tools to design value added websites.

Resource & Set-up

You have to take this point seriously as most companies dont have adequate resource to manage your projects on time. It is always a wise decision to hire out a web design company having a team of skilled web designers sharing and exchanging ideas to make your websites more interactive. And such web design company can back up your website plan in a better way with useful insights and suggestions.

Customer Support System

Another important thing is how promptly you can connect to them and get response via email, chat or telephone. You cant give your feedback and instructions without good customer support. So, have a look at the customer support features and schedule of the web design company you are seriously considering.

One Stop Web Design Development Solutions

New web design companies are giving tough competitions to the existing web development companies. If you dont have the large web designing section then you may have problems to adopt the new environments and to drag number of clients. The online presentation is the only singular way to prove your quality service around the world. Web design is not just a thing to add as beauty to your computer but it is the amalgam of tools, functionalities and applications.

To give prosperous results to your business take the help of professional web design services. For complete web business solutions choose a web development company, which not only solve your IT problems but also give you proper expert suggestions for better business. So aim towards a company, that aims to satisfy its clients, issues and delivers on time hassle free solutions to every customer.

The professional web development company will take care of all web services even from the scratch. With ranges of creative development services, the expertise team of the company will make an effort to provide you best services.

The dedicated web design development services will show a great impact on your business sales, so the web development company does study over your volume of traffic and overall sales of business to judge what is creating problem in development.
The professional firm adds vibrant knowledge with latest web designing techniques. The company also assures guaranteed success through their rigorous services. What most viewers like about one website is its easy and proper navigational tools along with fast loading timings. The seo services along with internet marketing services are the most desirable web promotion tricks for grabbing more customers and giving your website a positive rank in all search engines. A Seo friendly web design helps your website to be easily listed in search engines.

If you dont know much about web design features then here are the basic features, XML, HTML, CSS and the script languages for front-end and server-end interface. Along with these basic applications, the company adds more intricate tools for unique web solutions. In web design development PHP programming is considered as best for creating dynamic web pages. PHP is more popular among small and middle sized business companies rather than the bigger ones due to its compatibility with Oracle, MySQL and the other operating systems are Linux, Mac, windows etc.

PHP programming based web developments are the first choice among most due to its easy modification solutions. Whenever you want to make changes you can modify easily according to your choice and functions.

Though PHP based web design development services are affordable for every business organizations. But it wont lose its reliability or standards of project quality for even small scale industries. The dedicated service, effective performance, user-friendly applications makes PHP programming easier for every user.

Whether your website belongs to any commercial, non-profit or public enterprise, creating a new website or redesigning or remodeling the web development company accepts each project as a challenge to create much better competitive website for best online visibility. All other primary services are also included along with web designing. Those are arranging domain name registration, hosting service, database management, web layouts, ecommerce solution, online shopping cart for commercial websites etc.

Success Of India’s Web Development Industry A Paradox

When the Web was in the early stages of development, no one could foresee that one day India would become the indisputable leader in web design and development related services. Like many paradoxes affecting India, its success in web development outsourcing is equally baffling. This is despite one of the lowest figures of per head computer usage in India, even lesser than the comparable Asian economies.

India is a country of great inconsistencies. One is the urban India where one can find cities with all the marks of modernity such as neon-lit streets, latest cars, swanky malls and air-conditioned offices, etc. The other is the rural India where the majority of people live without even the basic amenities.

With just about 5% of Indias huge population having access to computers and the Internet, it would be indeed surprising to know how India achieved the top position in web development industry and IT services. Let us examine the six Es that have contributed to the success of Indian companies in this arena.

* Enterprise: the post 1990s globalization and the free enterprise policies adopted by the government of India have given a lift to entrepreneurs, who have invested heavily in IT services such as BPO, KPO and web development.

* Economics: Indian website design and development service providers offer the best service at cheapest rates, which create a win-win situation for business people on either side.

* Expertise: the efficiency of Indian web service providers is known the world over for excellent work and timely project execution.

* Education: there have been large private and public investments in IT education, which churn out a large pool of educated people, ready with essential skills in web technology.

* Employment: the concentration of IT centers in main cities of India readily absorbs the large pool of educated and employable workforce.

* English fluency: outside the USA and Europe, India has the largest pool of people fluent in English, the language of the Web. English is often the preferred medium of instruction in educational institutions and Indian students score over other countries in English fluency. They are able to do jobs in workable and business English, if not of high literary standard.

Web Development Los Angeles – Websitesdepot

For professional web design Los Angeles, websites depot is at your service. Web development is one of the latest and popular trends today. If you need to a website, it is highly recommended that you let the professional do the job. When you have the skills needed to develop a website, the urge to DIY is very high. While this is a strategy to save, it is a very big risk when you want a professional, commercial, or online prominence creation website. It is advised that, if you understand website design, then use the skills as a measure of the contractor/firm you contract for the job.

One of the firms that are at your service for web development Los Angeles is websites depot. Why should you consider this firm for your web design?

Websites depot is a firm made up of several IT professional who are qualified in the entire web development process. They are licensed to operate therefore, you are sure of the best service in the industry. In addition to skills and qualifications, the designers in this firm are experienced. The firm has been in the web development Los Angeles industry for over 20 years now. Over this period, they have managed to build a satisfied clientele in Los Angeles and the world at large.

Therefore, if you simply dont know which the best platform for your website is, if you are not sure which technique to use and you are afraid of being conned at it, then let the professional at websites depot handle it. In addition to skill and expertise, websites depot is a team. As we all know, there is power in numbers. The team is made up of persons who are specialists in their area. There are template designers, content creators, SEO experts, and online marketers. Therefore, if you are looking to have your website up and running in the shortest time possible, then you can rely on website depot for that. Moreover, with the experience they have in their areas, you are sure of having one of the best web designs in Los Angeles.

With website design web development Los Angeles services, you are sure of satisfactory services and final product. The web design Los Angeles procedure adopted by websites depot is very engaging. From the point you establish a contract with them to have you website built, they walk with you every step of the way. This is to ensure that, every part of the web development process is okay and suits your preferences. You are free to give any recommendations, propose modifications and offers criticism of anything you dont like in the website.

Moreover, the rates charged by websites depot for web development los angles services are very affordable. Depending on the type of website you want, you are sure to find a comfortable price with websites depot because they are flexible in their pricing. For more details, on Web design los angeles with websites depot, feel free to contact them now.

Courses To Opt For After Graduation

Graduation is a turning point in ones career as the professional life of a person is guided by the career chosen after graduation. Though this choice depends a lot on the personal taste and choice of an individual, there are various career options to opt for after graduation. Career options after graduation are galore, right from the field of science and engineering to tourism and hospitality to fashion designing.

After graduation, a general graduate (Arts/Sciences/Commerce) can opt for any of the career options available to him. There is a plethora of government jobs open to graduates in Railways, Public sector Banks, Defense, Police and Civil administration. However, the private sector offers more lucrative options in terms of remuneration and other facilities in the face of liberalization and globalization.

With so many choices available to a graduate, he / she might get confused while choosing the best option.

Here are the options, which a student can consider after graduation:-

Sales and Marketing
Increasing consumerism has opened up a lot of opportunities in sales and marketing. Now, graduates can get a job in sales and marketing as executives in several companies like food and beverage, manufacturing, IT or other service providers. Also, with the development of e-commerce telemarketing has also become a good option. In this field, earning is very lucrative and includes salary, allowance and also commissions.

One of the most promising career options to choose after graduation is MBA. It opens avenues for better jobs with better salaries in the fields of finance, personnel management, sales-marketing and international business. To apply for MBA institutes, graduates have to qualify entrance test like CAT/XAT/MAT/FMS/IIFT/SNAP conducted by the concerned institutes. Salary of management graduates ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lac per month or even more depending upon his/ her qualification and experiences.

Professional courses like CS/ CA/ CFA/CWA are also promising options to be mulled after graduation. These courses are offered by various institutes in India. After completion of these courses, one can work in public and private sectors bank, industries, MNCs, corporate houses, media houses and many more organizations. Such professionals are highly required in this competitive economy thus their remuneration is very high. After some year of experience in this field, one can also become a consultant.

MCA/Animation/Web Design
IT revolution has, undoubtedly, opened up several job opportunities. In this field, one can work as computer operator, programmer, software professional, animator and web designer. Courses in such areas are offered by various universities and private institutes all over India. One of key benefits of choosing a career in field is that besides joining any company, one can work also as independent service provider. Remuneration of such a professional generally varies between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per month.

Mass Communication And Journalism / Advertising
The revolution in media has brought along many job opportunities for graduates who opt for Masscom and Journalism. One can work as a correspondent, reporter, anchor, columnist and radio jockey in print / electronics / web media houses. Besdies that, advertising is a promising career option to graduates. There are many institutes and universities all over India that provide courses in Masscom / Journalism / Advertising. Besides there are also distance learning programmes. Earning in the media sector generally ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per month.

Hotel Management
One of the most favoured career options in India is Hotel Management. A graduate in this field can do a Post Graduate or a Diploma course in hotel management offered by various public and private Hotel Management institutes. After taking up this qualification, they can join catering services of hotels, restaurants, airlines, shipping companies, railways, clubs, offices and many more. The average pay package offered here is between Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 per months.

Travel and Tourism
Travel and tourism, a rapidly growing industry is offering many job opportunities to individuals. To enter this sector, all a graduate needs is a course in tourism management/development offered by several public and private institutes. After completing their graudation, a graduate can easily get a job in our and travel companies, tour agencies, airlines and hotels. Besides that, he / she can also work as an independent tour guide or a travel agent in a travel agency. Remuneration here depends upon quality of services and customer satisfaction.

Web Design and SEO Companies in Dubai

Every company has the basic prerequisites of owning a website where information about that company can be found. So the competition has increased manifold over the past years. Currently however having a skillfully designed website that catches many eyes is one thing, and making it purposeful, effectively, and easily navigable is another thing exclusively; this is where professionals and amateurs diverge. When searching for Web Design Companies in Dubai, one would need to keep in mind that the capability of providing a good range of software solutions for all kinds of clients, actually spells the distinction between any real IT consulting firm and any other group of techies functioning out of some garage.

Website design has been found to have moved on to greater levels never thought of before, which is a new challenge for all website designers. With newer features being added into the internet, almost on a day by day basis, there all of a sudden is a need found for website designers who can be at their inventive best and move on regularly with time. The growth of the internet and particularly the rapid development of Social Media surely further confirm this assertion. For people in a fast city like Dubai, Web Design Companies in Dubai would need to be even more enhanced than many of its peers.rs.

A specialized SEO firm can be expected to make it an even better success with their expertise. Not just a good website design, but Search Engine Optimization, or SEO compatibility is also very important for any website of a company. There can be many but a good SEO Company in Dubai should be able to render most of the on page and off page services like SEO content development, Keyword analysis, Blogging, Link building, Video marketing, Pay per click campaign, Conversion optimization, Social media optimization Directory submission services and much more.

When choosing or researching about an SEO Company in Dubai, one should always choose the company with a reputable and trustworthy consistency in performance. That can be ascertained from the reports and reviews found all over the internet about the same company in context. It should always be ensured that the firm in context has competent and knowledgeable SEO professionals. The SEO specialists should not only work well in the required domains the client demands, but should also be able to formulate strategies well enough for a company website to flourish soon. SEO optimization can make or break any website’s future, so high level of competency is obviously expected out of the chosen SEO providing company.

Reliant It Solutions Bangalore software Development Web Development It Recruitment


Reliant IT is a thought-leader in offering IT services, solution development and enterprise consulting across the globe. Reliant offers end-to-end IT services from custom application development to diverse business process outsourcing, from IT consulting to Enterprise Application Integration. We have wide range of associates to execute our sales and operations across the world. We are determined to deliver comprehensive IT services in advanced IT platforms, enterprise applications, e-business, BPO Services.

Reliant adheres to quality standards such as ISO and CMM with rich industry expertise that covers diverse industry verticals such as Advertising, Retail, Healthcare, Gaming, Non-Profit, Travel and so on.

Reliant provides IT services, consulting and BPO services emphasizing on offering real business results from technology solutions and specializing in Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Enterprise Applications, IT Process re-engineering, etc.

Since its inception, Reliant has been maintaining state-of-the-art development centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore employing team of IT professionals with comprehensive IT development expertise.

Reliant has extensive expertise in developing advanced IT applications using legacy systems, SOA architecture, Open source technologies and Internet technologies. We provide high value services for various IT business applications such as Business Analytics, SAP, Oracle-PeopleSoft, Siebel, etc. This blended solution development enable us to full-range IT solutions and service provider. Our rich domain understanding of diverse business processes and operations in various service verticals and rich knowledge in cutting-edge IT technologies enable us to develop scalable, robust and quality driven IT solutions to meet distinctive needs of clients.


At Reliant, our service delivery approach enables high business performance for clients. Our approach also ensures continuous stream of repeat business which stands as testimony for our capability to deliver solutions for valued business efficiency. We at Reliant, always emphasize on adopting and strengthening domain expertise in diverse areas of IT services, solutions and support.